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Family History Research and the BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are?

Coming soon – the full story of how Firepower’s expert team helped Fiona Bruce find out more about her great-grandfather’s Royal Artillery service in the First World War.

“It was fascinating being involved in the filming.” says Paul Evans from the Museum’s Library and Archives. “Although it took six hours, only about three minutes were shown on the programme. As well as carrying out research for Miss Bruce we also had to think about what would look visually exciting on TV. As other information was uncovered while the filming and research continued elsewhere, this led us to unearth even more information about Miss Bruce’s ancestor that we’d like to pass on to her.”

This programme was first shown on February 9 2009 and coincided with the launch of the Museum’s new family history booklet entitled Is There a Gunner in Your Family Tree? As over 2 million men and women have served in the Royal Artillery since its formation in the early 18th Century, literally millions of people in Britain and around the world are descended from Gunners.

More about Who Do You Think You Are? will be posted in the near future.

The photo shows the Museum’s Paul Evans and Fiona Bruce at Firepower during the filming for Who Do You Think You Are?